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Senior Product Design Engineer was asked...September 3, 2014

How would you fix shrinkage areas in a plastic injection molded part without modifying the design?

1 Answers

Part illustrated had a non uniform part thickness which would cause shrinkage. Answer they wanted was to increase the injection mold pressure. Less


Overall technical/design questions, how to handle field failures. In technical Cummins is covering all past experience, projects handled, approach for project, reporting structure, approach for asked case study, diversity questions, work interest, behaviour with female team member. Senor leader's questions are more focused on design calculations, SOM base questions, material knowledge. Final HR was focused on mainly personality questions, interest other than work, diversity, behaviour with female team member, how and what you know about Cummins, why Cummins like questions.

1 Answers

At the time interview, i don't have experience about 7 step problem solving technics. But, my approach was same. That helps me to success Less


What is six sigma?

1 Answers

A set of management techniques intended to improve business processes by greatly reducing the probability that an error or defect will occur. Less


How do you avoid shrinkage/sink on an injection molded plastic part, without having a uniform part thickness.

1 Answers

Difficult because best design practices would be to make the part uniform in most cases. Answer is increasing the injection pressure. Less


How would you select the datum for a particular design and what's the worst case stack-up.

1 Answers

Datum in the design can be: Functional surfaces Mating surfaces Surface that is accessible or big enough to permit measurement in manufacturing Less


Why do you want to quit your current job and what do you expect to have at Amazon?


1) About managing the ODM 2) Handling SW issues with the projects 3) Time management

Barrette Outdoor Living

Tell me about a project that started in the concept phase and ended in production.


Draw a stress-strain graph and label the key points on it.


What kind of person or manager you do not want to work with? Have you had any and what have you done during working together?

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