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How do you feel about dogs?

2 Answers

Love them, have them, want more.

I would have asked . Do you feel about caring for a dog? This question requires a specific answer. A dog becomes part of your family . It’s like having another child that you automatically want love and take care of. Wanting the very best for them.

What are your qualifications for this position?

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What are you looking for in this role?

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What's your approach to brand development. The following were for the case study: • Create a PPT presentation, of approximately 30 minutes in length, that walks us through a marketing project you lead from beginning to end that included multiple team members and/or stakeholders. Please include at least one slide that addresses each of the points below: 1. Explain the “client’s” situation at the outset. 2. Outline how you assessed the client’s core need or challenge. 3. What were the objectives of the project(s)? 4. What marketing principles/strategic approach did you use to solve the client’s need/meet objectives? 5. How did you build a project scope? 6. What resources (people and material) did you gather to work on the project? How did you manage these resources on an ongoing basis? 7. How did you ensure effective communication between team members and the client? 8. How did you manage timelines and budgets? Share specific tactics/strategies you employed. 9. What challenges did you face during the execution of the project and how did you resolve them? 10. Can you show evidence of high complexity and fast pace within the project? 11. What results did you achieve at the end of the project? How did you measure those results? 12. Reflecting on the project, what were the critical factors that lead to its success? Point out any aspect(s) of the project that were less successful, and indicate, what you would you do differently in the future. 13. If you have samples of work for this client, feel free to bring it in to show us.

Tell me about a time where you had conflicting deadlines.

Q: How would you go about expanding the portfolio in a new market?

How would you manage multiple stakeholders in a complex project and bypass the red tape?

If money were no object, what would you do?

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