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Senior Maintenance Engineer was asked...June 2, 2014

Is 3,599 a prime number? Yes or No. Explain.

10 Answers

3599 = 3600-1 = 60^2 - 1^2 This is known as "difference of two squares" Which factors into (60-1)*(60+1) Therefore factors are 59 and 61 A longer, more general method is to say that you only need to check primes less than the square root of 3599, which again because its 60^2 - 1 you can just try primes less than 60. Less


3600 = 60^2 Sqrt(3600 - 1) = 60 -/+ 1 >>> 59 x 61

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The physical elememts of a Base Transciever Station

2 Answers

A breakdown of the various site elements and their functions

Base Traceiver Station is a piece of equipment that facilitates wireless communication between the user equipment and the network. BTS is composed of Tranceiver, power amplifier, combiner, multiplexer, alarm extension system, control function & base receiver unit. Less

Red Hat

Support questions were taken from real cases they've handled. I've seen most of the issues before, and was able to answer them immediately, others I had to google but quickly understood how to reply.

1 Answers

Some I answered outright, some I asked for more details, and some I replied echoing the issue to make sure I understood the problem. Less

Excel Industries

opinion over renewable energy sources like solar energy?

1 Answers

sir in India we receive more light than other countries being on tropical zone. except monsoon we get sunlight throughout a year and we have good open space too. we have good scope for sun power harvesting Less

Excel Industries

whats system you are familiar with?

1 Answers

iso 9001:2008 quality management system

New Holland Fiat (India)

Unexpected Question :Are you ready to shift to Greater Noida ?

1 Answers



about balancing and alignment technics

1 Answers

well I done good to my level best


Tell me about yourself. How do you handle difficult team members? How do you handle team members that are older then you? How do you implement change to older team members? What is your greatest strength?

Red Hat

Implement JMS producer and consumer

India Cements

compressor overhauling procedure

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