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Senior Java Developer was asked...September 29, 2022

Solve a problem with a Queue

Tata Consultancy Services

basic core java questions


Explain the design process of the applications that you were working with


Each round, a different person asked me the same set of question about my resume, and other knowledge-based Java and OO questions. For the coding interview, they asked me to reverse a string.


Java8 Features Spring Boot profiles concepts, Annotations Explanations Restful Webservices - GET,PUT,POST,DELETE differences SQL queries PLSQL sample procedures


Basic questions on Spring ,Spring Boot ,Multithreading, collection topics

Morgan Stanley

1. Substring search 2. Positive prefixes 3. related to inner join(SQL query)


A mix of your ordinary algorithm questions like sorting, etc. Very typical of an interview. Then some "break it" questions - what is wrong with this, create something with this issue, etc. Questions that only experienced developers can answer.

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Did lots of leetcode before the interview so that standard algorithm question was a breeze. Used my experience to answer the "break it" questions calling upon my previous experiences with out-of-memory, deadlocks, to answer the questions. Less

Version 1

What is the purpose of continuous integration?


what is oops. define abstraction what is IOC container what is application context what is autowiring

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