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Valkyrie Enterprises, LLC
Senior Engineering Technician was asked...November 5, 2016

where do you see yourself in 5 years

1 Answers

I don't remember

Petrohawk Energy

Are you familiar with Regulatory Data?

1 Answers

I am familiar with it but not very fond of working with Regulatory data. I prefer more technical work. Less

University of Northumbria

Bog standard questions. You going to fix issue and some one else stops you they also having issue?

1 Answers

Depends on situation - Ask colleague to look or give help to the other person, explain staff I am all ready tide up in other task. Less

Milwaukee Tool

What can I bring to the company?

1 Answers

I bring experience, knowledge, sound judgement of safety practices.


Tell me about yourself and some of your experience?

1 Answers

Personal info, explained my tech background

Eastman Kodak

What are your weaknesses?

1 Answers

This is a typical question that is best answered honestly. Of course, the answer should pertain to your work habits and not, say, foods, women and fast cars. Less


Pretty standard. They introduce themselves and make you feel comfortable. They tell you about the job and what is expected of you to perform in this role. They ask you if this is something you feel you can do? They basically interact with you to find out more about you. They have your resume in front of them and they do go over your background and what you know as far as skills. So don't put anything on your resume unless you can truly do it. If you don't have a skill they are looking for be honest and let them know upfront. Because one thing ConocoPhillips does VERY well is TRAIN you. There are many, many on line training classes and you can sign up for many classroom training classes where you can get the help you need. Mentors as well are here to help you if you need it. Co-workers are here to help you as well. They are truly looking at you as a whole - the person YOU. They want you to feel comfortable in this job, not stressed, or feel you have to figure everything out on your own. They want you to ask for help if you need it. When I went for my interview here there was another manager there as well and instead of one job interview I got lucky and got 2 jobs to choose from. I actually was given the choice to choose between both jobs. I choose the one I actually wasn't initially there to interview for as it fit me to a tee!! And I LOVE my job! It's a lot of fun and the people I work with are wonderful people.

1 Answers

There were too many questions to put here. I answered everything they wanted to know. And we went down my background history. I explained a LOT about myself, what I knew and what I didn't know. As some programs used at Conoco were not the ones I had used in my previous job. But databases are databases and they are the same concept just a little different in how you initially get around in them. I learned that in a couple days and some cases a couple hours. When you know what you know, show them that, prove it to them and they will be amazed at what you can do. I don't know but I feel if you want this job bad enough you will make sure they know that by what you can prove to them about yourself confidence and knowledge. Be informed and ready to answer questions, become familiar with the company and their history before you even go for the interview. In other words "make ready". Less


Basic RF.

1 Answers

Pencil and paper.

Booz Allen Hamilton

Have you done this or that?

1 Answers

Sometimes the answer was 'Yes,' and sometimes the answer was 'no.' It seemed that my answers didn't matter to the core topic of the interview. Less

Eastman Kodak

What farm animal would you choose to live as if you could?

1 Answers

I think I said "PIG" - smart and underestimated. This is a ridiculous question, in my opinion, designed to see how you think on your feet. There are better ways, but the maturity of the interviewer may vary. You've been warned. Less

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