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Senior engineer mechanical Interview Questions


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Why are you planning to leave your current employer?

2 Answers

I feel there has been a shift in the company's corporate culture, away from quality engineering, design and innovation, towards becoming just a cog in the wheel of a large construction company. It is not a culture I am prepared to embrace.

Want to learn new things and pursue new challenges

what would you do, if the project is delayed and cannot catch customers' schedule?

1 Answer

1. What did you do to previous employer? 2. How many people managed you? 3. What are your goals?

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1. What's the material of PCB board? 2. What's density of airplane fuel? 3. How to measure the temperature of an IC chip?

1 Answer

Test procedures, MIL specs, DO specs

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What would you see as your potential role or greatest contribution to this firm in the next 5 years?

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Generic resume/project details related to the current job profile

Direct to the point questions and the position and candidate experience and expertise

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