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Write a function that divides one number by another, without using the division operator, and make it better than O(n).

7 Answers

This can be done in a recursive function, the following code is in Python. # get result of a/b without using a "divide" operator def div(a,b): if a < b: return 0 else: return div(a-b, b)+1 This is how human being do the division naturally, however, the running time of this is O(n/m), where n is the size of a, and m is the size of b, which means, O(n/m) is guaranteed to be less than O(n), when m is larger than 1. -Maxim

The answer above is still O(n). We can use binary search and find the answer in the interval [1,a] and use multiplication operator.

Totally agree with Vasil. Other option: Long Division Algorithm. O(log n) anyway.

Given an array of int[] like 1,2,3 Find the next largest integer than can be made with these digits (e.g.: 2,1,3)

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find LCA for two nodes of a binary tree.

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After asking the details of my current role, he only gave me a simple coding question. Write a function using C++ or Java that is passed an integer and it returns the number of bits set to 1. Is there a way to improve your solution and make it faster and more efficient?

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write a c# method to bring pairs of integers that sum up to 10 from an array of integers.

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A HackerRank challenge with 90 mins to solve

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Pourquoi Semafo

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Why are you planning to leave your current employer?

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What is mutex.

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how to merge two sorted linklist?

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