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Standard interview questions but more conversational then interrelation

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Truthfully, confidently and with candor

Gave me questionnaire for different role

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The interview is very structured focusing on specific questions and areas of IT audit. The following questions were noted during my interview: - Provide an overview of your experience - What role does Internal Audit play - What is the difference and similarity between Windows and Unix with respect to auditing techniques (be very specific here) - Why are you interested in this role? - When presented with a challenge what was the challenge and what was the solution? - What do you feel are the most important aspects of an IT Audit? - What do you audit in and SAP oriented audit (be specific) Overall they want alot of details here, and I highly recommend you bring a water bottle with you during the interview. Once again be very specific as these are very structured questions.

The business case was not that difficult, but it's the first time I had to do this at TD.

Describe your experience with control testing and reporting.

Ranges from behavioral to technical questions Relavent to job and role and were well structured

How did you handle difficult people in your workplace. Give examples.

What is the reason I wanted to work for kpmg?

Previous experience as it relates to the job, walked through the resume and accomplishments, nothing out of left field

What would you do if u faced problem with your team mate?

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