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If you are using QTP, how can you identify 2 pop up windows with exactly the same object id? So far I have no answer.

3 Answers

So far I have no answer.

QTP records the creation time object property for identifying the object. Which ever pop up window comes first is assigne creationtime = 0 and the nexxt one one is assigned 1, I gues on this basis we can differentiate between the two pop ups

Using Ordinal Identifier - Index

About current work

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tell me about your self?

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Describe abilities to get project back on track.

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Give me a time where you had to provide process improvement?

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Where do you see yourself in 10 years

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Behavioral and Analytical Questions

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Was asked everything in my resume. Each and every line was asked an explanation. I had blowed up a bit and had difficulty explaining. Was given a set of SQL queries to answer in a sheet of paper.

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Tell me about your last role. No need to describe in a lot of detail. Just high level stuff that you did.

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Describe a previous project lessons learned

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