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What do you know about Cisco's data center strategy

1 Answer

Expected question - gave back the industry rhetoric Cisco has been pushing along with some industry perceptions and directions. Interviewer basically discarded answer - gave indication that that's not where Cisco 'is going to be' heading. Given I don't have access to proprietary Cisco docs - okay .... Tone of whole interview was elitist and very unproductive.

Nothing different, just be yourself and show your enthusiasm and be well prepared with previous related work experiences.

What is the most challenging sales situation you have ever encountered?

Regular situational analytical questions.

1 Answer

Standard interview questions and then probe deeper. Nothing out of the ordinary, but you need to be prepared, RBC is thorough!

1 Answer

Why do you want to work here?

1 Answer

experience, how would you apply that in SFDC, examples of similar sales done. working with xLoB teams etc.

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Describe your decision-making process when you need to assess an application for financing a line of business you know nothing about.

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