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Secretary/Receptionist was asked...January 30, 2014

CAN you make coffee?

2 Answers

No, but I'm sure I could learn.


Cerritos, CA

Tell me what this job entails.

1 Answers

I lost the original job description so I couldn't give specifics. Be sure to make a copy since they will take down the postings after the acceptance date. Less

Cerritos, CA

Tell me the three important skills that a secretary needs.

1 Answers

Ability to multitask, strong communication and interpersonal skills, and extensive knowledge of Microsoft office Less

Ferrell-duncan Clinic

How fast could I type, I said 60 wpm and it ended up being 80. Phone skills....tested....did great. Could I be at work more than not since I was a single mom. How would I handle a doctor who was angry, I said I would listen and apologize for whatever they were angry about. They accepted that answer....

1 Answers

I took a typing test and a phone call from irate patient...I also practiced there computers for scheduling and transcribing. The job was very easy and I adapted to it in a matter of days. They asked about being a single mom and missing work due to illness. My mother usually took them when they got sick but some times she got sick too so I ended up having to miss work but it was not very often. My kids are fully grown men so I have no obligation to them any more. Less

What are your qualification for this position and what salary do you expect. It was my first legal job so take what they offer. 9.00 or more. Don't expect anything else unless you know what your doing.

Cerritos, CA

The nature of a secretary is handling multiple projects at once. Tell me how you would prioritize projects and then about a time when you had to prioritize projects

Cerritos, CA

Tell me about a time when you had to use tact to deal with a difficult situation.

Littler Mendelson

These people were desperate - I can tell they either weren't getting many people applying or they weren't getting quality people applying. If they were a quality firm themself (which I had no way of knowing they weren't when they offered me the job) then the firm might function normally. Like other offices.

Joliet Junior College

How would you handle a situation where a public dignitary came in and wanted to speak with someone who wasn't there?

Resource Staffing

What type of job am I looking for?

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