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Seasonal tea guide Interview Questions


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What it your favorite type of tea?

1 Answer

I answered a classic tea one that was commonly pushed at most locations; Forever Nuts. I wasn't sure if the question had any greater meaning, for example. Some companies will ask what is your favorite animal and why, trying to see if you will answer a certain animal that has similar characteristic of the company.

What item did you bring in and how does it represent you?

1 Answer

First concert I went to

1 Answer

What inspires you?

1 Answer

Your hobbies?

1 Answer

Concert I would like to go to

1 Answer

Sell us this tea (we weren't told what tea it was, we just had to sell it based on it's smell and how it looked).

Have you ever had a conflict with a customer and how did you resolve it?

They asked for an embarrassing story about myself.

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