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Aspire Public Schools
After School Teacher was asked...November 5, 2017

Why are you interested in working with this population of students?

5 Answers

I worked with children for 8 years LAUSD I enjoy learning and teaching children I feel it's a double experience they learn from us we learn from them and I have a genuine interest in furthering a child education and keeping them safe Less

I start off by having them line up then telling them to go to Opening circle. During opening circle I explain day's activities, ask students how they feel, do a welcome song. I give a 5 minute verbal warning when it's time to transition. During closing circle, we discuss what they liked and didn't like, have a goodbye song. At the beginning of class I make clear what the routines will be everyday: Opening circle, activity, closing circle, class rules which will be written and posted, consequences which will be written and posted. I plan on making a chart showing levels of behavior and they get clipped down and or clipped up. At the top they get stars, stickers and prizes. At the bottom, they get warnings, time outs, calls to site director/parents Less

I have been in education since 2008. I started out in charter school for 5th/6th grade. The program started out as homework help for afterschool then became math instruction. I assisted with getting homework done, assigned in class jobs and taught class as needed. Then I tutored k-6th grade in math and language arts. I handled about 15 students/year. I kept a binder with completed work, attendence sheets and progress notes. I have been doing afterschool programming for 2 years. I supervise lunch, recess, track attendance and plan activities. I have been with OUSD for 2 years. First as an aide in special ed class then as an academic mentor doing small group reading pull outs. Less

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Department of Education Philippines

Where do you want to be assigned?

5 Answers

To the most convenient place to you as possible

I want to be assigned a remote area.

in a remote area but my mother don't want me there :(

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Aldine Independent School District

If I was pregnant.

3 Answers

That is an illegal question in an interview. WOW

Don't be surprise about what you see and hear in Aldine ISD. Most employees are unprofessional, particularly the ones working in the schools. Just plain rude, uneducated people. Less


Orange County School District

How would you handle it if you had a group of kids in line outside your classroom waiting to get to the next period and they were yelling and cursing and acting out (middle school in troubled neighborhood)?

3 Answers

I would tell them to please be respectful to their peers. Since I stand at the classroom door to welcome students as they enter the room, I would also remind them that their warm-up activity is on the board. Less

I’d tell those student in what light others see them whenever they start yelling, cursing, and/or acting out. If they ever want anyone to take themselves seriously, acting out, yelling, and cursing isn’t the way. Some will argue that they don’t care of what others think out them, but the problem is that they do care or else those specific students would be one of the most silent within the classroom. Less

I said that I would handle it in accordance with the policies of the school. I fumbled the question - I do not have any in class teaching experience. I did emphasize that I would try to show the kids respect and not let the situation get to that point. They were waiting for a 'magic' answer that I did not know and eventually I stopped riffing and we went to the next question. Less

Santa Fe Public Schools

What would you do if a kid was failing your class?

3 Answers

Call his parents.

I will conduct home visitation so that parents will be aware of the status of their child in school . Less

Ask the kid what they need to pass so that they’re not stuck in an endless loop within their current grade and have to watch their friends move on ahead without them. Less


The interview questions were all "describe a time when this happened to you, or describe a time when you have done this". There were about 10 questions. 1.)Tell us about yourself. 2) Describe a time when you were put in charge of something, like a project. 3) Describe a time when you had to talk to a parent about something bad. 4) Describe a time when you were talked to by a manager about a poor performance, and what came of that conversation 5) Describe a time when you had to discipline a co-worker. 6) Describe a time when you had to discipline a child and how did you handle it. Sorry I don't really remember the rest, but if I do I will add them.

3 Answers

I had previously worked in customer service for 6 years and was manager for the last 3 of those, so I just used my experiences from that job. My advice would be: Be calm, friendly, and just be yourself. They really just want to see that you are friendly, kind and that you will be a good fit with the children and the other employees. Less

Hi! How long did it take for your location to tell you, that you got the position? Less

It took about one week, but that was because my interview feel the week of Christmas. Less

How I would handle a student who was acting up.

4 Answers

I said I would be aware of the schools policy on discipline prior to starting. That there always has to be a bottom line, like sending them to the principle. I would try and handle it within the classroom if possible and give the student a chance to behave well. Less

I would try to resolve the issue within the classroom first. I would approach the learner without him or her know and drop down to his or her level of height and ask them in a conversational tone if he or she thought that his or her behaviour was appropriate during lesson time. I would give the learner a warning if the learner persist the next step would be him or her writing lines if the matter escalates I would send the learner to the headmaster. Less

By involving him in class work or make him the leader of his group or class, he will be interesting to do it Less

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Teaching Personnel

What do you think makes a good teacher?

3 Answers

A good teacher who can make a student feel confident enough to speak without fear of judgement and ground all learning based on mutual respect and understanding. All learners are different and their English language capacity is not necessarily a reflection of their intelligence, a good teacher understands that. Progress should be measured on an individual basis and it's important to help add value and enrich the students experience. Less

a good teacher feel relex and happiness and also fell happiness to the students during lecture and dont creating borring mode and convey a good lecture to the students. Less

Passionate and love this job.

Portland Public Schools

What is your experience working with diverse populations?

3 Answers

Excellent answer, but diversity also includes gender roles, LGTBQ, homelessness, autocratic home lives, "bizarre" dress, piercings and tatoos, political leanings, and other types of discrimination. Be AWARD OF, INFORMED ABOUT, and sensitive and accepting of all kinds of people. As a classroom guest teacher, the hardest thing has been to skillfully avoid using the wrong pronoun or assume the gender of a person. Devastating damage to the student. Do include this in your answers. Less

What types of experiences do you have teaching or instructing various types of individuals? Less

Throughout my clinical placement, I was working with a very diverse classroom population. Not only did I work effectively with students from many ethnic and cultural backgrounds, but those students also have very different family backgrounds and life situations. I learned not to be sympathetic but rather sensitive. Students come from all walks of life, to treat them as if they have some sort of deficit is not the answer. However, to be flexible and design my curriculums that favor my student’s interests, that is a must. Each and every one my students will know that they matter and that they can take those learning risks because my classroom will without a doubt, be a safe place for them. Less

Oakland Unified School District

What type of experience do you have with children.

3 Answers

I have done plenty individual tutoring, currently and in the past have been a class aide where I ran the class when the head teacher wasn't there and have been a program instructor to 15 students Less

one on one tutoring, class aide for regular/special ed, afterschool program instructor Less

10 yrs private tutoring in math/English for elementary students, 2 yrs as class aide: 1 yr regular ed & 1 yr special ed, program instructor in afterschool program all serving low-income youth Less

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