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I don't recall any particularly unexpected question. The talk was mainly focused on my past experiences and on what I was hoping to accomplish in the future.

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We discussed process, tools and such.

I want to see how you think. Come up with an ability for a character from your design test.

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All connected to resume.

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They gave me chart showing the power of players over time broken down by quartiles (percentile ranges), they then asked me to interpret the graph.

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They asked if I had played their games.

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Tell us about your design process.

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What new card would I add to Hearthstone and what new game mode would I introduce to Hearthstone?

How would you monetize a gaming app to generate more revenue?

There were no difficult questions at all. All questions were very broad - from very general discussions of analytic methods to discussion of hobbies

The most difficult question was about monetization. How would you make it so that people spend more money? It is a question that you can easily answer if you know f2p well.

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