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Software Engineering, Data Engineering/Cloud/Analytics Reporting was asked...March 31, 2017

I was asked to count the occurrences of words in a file, and return the list of word - count pair in an order (1. descending by count, 2. ascending by word)

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I used Java programming language and stored all words with their occurrences in HashMap. Then I used a custom comparator to sort it in required order and used that comparator in Collections.sort method passing List and comparator instance as arguments. Less

Eze Software

Question 1 Find Unique Chars in String,Question 2 Continuous largest sum in the array, Question Database Design on Student Grade You'll find this question in CTCI

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I wrote 2 different codes with O(n2) and O(nlogn) the manager was happy with what I did, gave all the answer properly and he was convinced. Next day got an reject. Very Unprofessional. Less


What was the interview follow-up process like?

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They never followed up. Not a call, a letter or an email. I reached out for feedback at two weeks and four weeks. It was very unprofessional, regardless of the outcome. They made a rather big deal about the culture and then conducted themselves this way. Looks like I dodged a bullet. If that is how they engage during the hiring process, I do not want to imagine what the work culture is like. In the end, their cultural transformation was just lip service. I would probably avoid them. Less


Technical Interview : most on the low level java fundamentals like what are static and final methods, classes and why we need them. Difference between String "==" and String.equals operations

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Technical Interview : Write Java code for file list recursively


The questions were mainly about Software Development, Cloud Computing across GCP, AWS, and Azure, Site Reliability/DevOps, and Leadership/Management skills

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I was open. I simply engaged the interviews with my personal knowledge and experience in the different subject matters. Less


Some behavioral questions

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Technical questions based on resume/experience


The client needs an architecture to work with containers in its on-prem datacenter, but it wants to use GCP services also. How would you design it?


What is your motivation to work in NavVis?


I was asked questions about fitting into their corporate culture, what qualities make a good agility leader and then a group technical interview. The technical interview was friendly and casual and not overly deep. All the interviewers during the day were very pleasant.


Tell me about yourself and what you seek to gain from your new career?

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