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NYU Langone Health
Salesforce Systems Administrator was asked...February 24, 2021

TO take a long, i believe 75 question, online personality test. it took around 30 minutes.

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Cognizant Technology Solutions

can you work with younger people?

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I said of course, I'm a team player.

SNAP Business Intelligence

a) Describe in detail how your last company was set up to run its Salesforce CRM. b) Given a 1-page business scenario (a "small tech company with high sales rep turnover, losses to multiple competitors, and need for post-sales support"), how would you approach solving their problems using Salesforce?

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a) Provided several use cases of typical Salesforce business process / workflow relating to the job I had b) Responded with 5-page approach inc. consulting methodology and list of appropriate Salesforce configurations Less


What did I know about Salesforce governance?

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I have worked with hundreds of Salesforce customers around the world and have yet to hear about this specific app. Less

Paysafe Group

They asked about my current job, why I have decided to leave. What I know about their company and why I think it is suitable for me. They wanted to check my experience so I had been provided with a few tasks to present my skills.


Tell me about your job experience.

New York Public Radio

Just general background questions, employment history etc.

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