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Salesforce Architect was asked...June 6, 2015

We first reviewed Edmunds goals and structure - then Apex Triggers, Governor limits, Strategic Salesforce questions .... first goals of Edmunds was reviewed, with follow on Very Insightful questions ... Impressed by the caliber of questions and staff

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You need to be on your game... and if you don't know - give answer on where you would look for answers Less


Describe the difference between roles and profiles?

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Profile is for Object level access(Table) and field level access/FLS(attributes) based on group/segmentation. However role is used for record level access which depends on user object level permission(profile,OWS ,permission set...). Less


The ask for References and an account manager calls you

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Provided references and spoke to account manager


How much salary are you expecting.

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Detailed my expectations.

Cognizant Technology Solutions

What does activate button does on communities?

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It activates community but interviewer wanted to know what it does in the background. Less

Butterfly Network

The interviewer presented a partial current state architecture map and asked for thoughts on improvement

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I asked questions to gather additional details and made suggestions as seemed appropriate Less

Traction on Demand

There were some detailed questions examining my technical solution and why I developed it the way that I did.

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I explained how Salesforce Flows had evolved to the point where they were capable of being used where in the past code would have been required. I showed how a modular architecture could be maintained by an admin but offered future engagement, as well. Less


The most challenging role you played in a project?

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Has any of your projects failed and what did you do about it?


It is very detail oriented

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Answered really well.

Traction on Demand

There were some questions about my problem selection and how it didn't make sense with the solution I chose.

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I explained that I wanted my slides to show my business acumen and strategic thinking and while my technical demo didn't solve the entire problem, it showed how my technical skills can solve detailed problems. So, yes, there was a gap between the problem and proposed solution in my slides, and the detailed demonstration I presented. This is to be expected because the full solution would have required a development team about five months to build. I had a limited time in the demo. So I wanted the slides to represent my high level thinking, and not just the details of the solution I could build within a week. This approach was not appreciated. Less

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