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When is the last time you have shown empathy to someone? Which of the PwC framework speaks to you the most? (Whole leadership, etc.)

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Hey, thanks for sharing. Any tips about the video interview and what the questions were based on?

One was about what you are passionate about, one asks what about consulting you find interesting, the last one I can't remember. Make sure you don't look at yourself, there is an option to block out the video of yourself. Look into the camera and speak slowly and clearly following the STAR method if possible. Don't ramble on even if you have time left, my answers were relatively to the point.

Thank you very much for your feedback, really appreciate! I will definitely apply everything that you said! Take care.

What would you do if the item is sold out, your customer wants it, and someone else just put it in their basket?

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How can I make the customers experience better?

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What was a difficult situation that you had in the pass and how did you handle it?

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if i had sales experience

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They ask you about your experience and goals

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Tell us why you were attracted to this company?

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What interests you about this company?

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Why would you quit your actual employer?

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Why would you be a good fit?

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