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Sales Floor Team Member/Flow Team Member was asked...September 8, 2014

"A woman is buying shoes for her two year old daughter and is asking for help, after searching the shoe department you find the shoe size she needs isn't in stock, what would you do?"

7 Answers

"I said I would have someone check the backroom,"

I'd first help them look, then call other stores. If no other nearby stores had them in stock, I'd offer to have them shipped in and call her when they arrived. Less

Check the other shoe store

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Tell about a problem and how you fixed it

2 Answers

Since the position is for sales floor team member, I would say this" well, if there is a customer that comes to me and complain about something in the store that I wasn't familiar with because I'm new, I will refer the customer to my co worker in the floor team that's been working in target for years and has much more experience than me. Less

Tell them exactly that


Describe a situation where you needed to stick up for yourself

3 Answers

I say things like you can say things you want to say. Even if it is true or not . Less

Say something true, but make it more about something that you disagreed with and how you showed the courage to overcome the obstacle. However, keep in mind that it's about YOU and not others. Make it work related also!!! Less

plenty of times. during my volunteer work a lot of people people become agitated and say and do hurtful things. this one time a woman under minded me and was calling me names because I didn't give her more of what she wanted and it's against the rules. I told her she needed to either take what she got or she can leave, Do not under mind me and expect people to still want to help you that's not how the way things work. Less


Give me an example of when you were put into a leadership role

3 Answers

That'll help.^

When I had the responsibility of being the supervisor in one of my previous seasonal job Less

It was great. I have a good time to time. I have a good time to time. I have a good time to time. I have a good day. I have a good time to time. I have a good time to time and I am going out of the best. I have a good day Less


Describe a situation in which you disagreed with someone and how you handled it.

3 Answers


You may be right, but I would ask the manager.


Dollar Tree

He asked if I would be able to set up an interview sometime this week but I declined

2 Answers

I'm free tomorrow at 9 am



Why do you want to work for Target ????

1 Answers

I am interested in working for Target because I have never had a bad shopping experience in any of their stores. The Team members are always kind and helpful and the stores are generally well organizaed and well clean. I assume this is because of the companies high customer service standards, and since I also have very high customer service standards and have demonstrated them in my previous employers I believed that I would be a great fit for Target. Less


Can you tell me about a time when you recognized someone needed help? What did you do?

1 Answers

- Remember to focus on other's needs and exhibit a sense of urgency when addressing them Less


Tell me about a time you completed a task or a project and realized you made a mistake, what did you do?

1 Answers

- Admit fault for the mistake - Address the root cause of the mistake (what led to the mistake, what can be done to prevent it in the future) - Show a sense of urgency when fixing the mistake Less


why did you apply to target?

2 Answers

felt like it fitted me

To have more experience in retail as team member

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