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MH Alshaya
Sales Associate/Cashier was asked...November 4, 2017

If i was able to stand for 8 hours and yo maintain my good looks every single day they also asked me if i could be flexible

17 Answers

Am looking for a job for sales associates in Dubai please

Yes I have maintained all think

Yes I will be able to stand for 8hrs

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Burlington Stores

tell me about yourself, what is your availability

10 Answers

Greeting customers is what I will do

I’m Eager To Work , Love Helping People. I’m Available Everyday From 8am-6pm

i’m available after school hours (8:30-2:20) until store closing

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Are you reasy to work now?

8 Answers

Yes i am.

Yes sure


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Dollar Tree

Why do you want this job?

7 Answers

I like to help or be around people.

I like to stock items.

Because, I need to pay my bills.

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Robinsons Supermarket

Why would we consider you in our company?

5 Answers

I have answered it truthfully based on my experience learning and knowledge.

I can contribute a lot with regards to attribution, experience and knowledge related to retail, cash related job and staff and store management. Less

I can contribute a lot with regards to attribution, experience and knowledge related to retail, cash related job and staff and store management. Less

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Bed Bath & Beyond

We dont have aisle numbers in the store. How would you direct a customer who asks where an item is.

5 Answers

As a customer service trainer with BB&B, the correct answer to this will always be to escort a customer to the item. We Escort so that we can qualify a customer and recommend the best product that will fit their needs Less

Walk with the customers to where the item is

Direct them to where the item is

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How do you handle an irate customer?

4 Answers

I would try and calm them down and see what i can do to solve their problem

as working for a crisis hotline in 2019 i’m good with calming people down if they’re in a manic state. Less

I would reassure them that I’m here to help and I understand their frustrations , while working with them in a calm and professional manner to fix the problem. Less

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Family Dollar Stores

Why Family Dollar?

4 Answers

That well be fine with me . I can pass one

I can pass it with know problem .

It's a good job with good pay . Close to home

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Bed Bath & Beyond

If you were busy stocking a shelf and you received a walkie from a supervisor asking you to come to the office as soon as possible but a customer needed help with something what would you do?

4 Answers

Let the supervisor know that I was assisting a customer and would be with them as soon as possible, then take care of the customer and report to the office Less

turn around pull my pants down and say kiss my a**

I would help the customer first, then go talk to my supervisor and tell them that i was assisting a customer and say sorry for the delay. Less

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Lowe's Home Improvement

What do you do if you spot a customer trying to steal an item?

4 Answers

Call customer service

I would ask if they need any help and if they are finding everything they need, if they say yes and leave I will just let mangment know what happened Less

beat em down yeard me

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