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Aviation Systems Safety Engineer was asked...October 3, 2016

The questions were about personality, nothing really to share, sorry.

2 Answers

I have been honest.

I had a similar experience. HR seemed very disorganized and I was told that I would not fit in culturally; too goal oriented and the management was looking for someone to always agree with management's decisions. Less


if you put 120Vac into a full wave rectifier what do you get out?

2 Answers

The answer is not half as the interviewer believes ( its half the peak voltage but that's not what the question asks) Less

A banana

EgyPro FME

Make a risk assesment table

2 Answers

I made it

We have 5step to make any risk assessment

Accord on Fire and Building Safety In Bangladesh

In case of emergency and in any fire incident, what is the first thing that you should do as a victim of the situation?

1 Answers

First I have to relax my mind & then have to pull the fire alarm switch.

Marbu Contracting Co

what are the challenging face on my work

1 Answers

Overcoming Negative Predictions, Avoidance & Safety Behaviours

Site Safety

What kind of background did I have

1 Answers

I have an engineering background with experience in the architecture industry


Tell an instance where you had to make an unpopular decision and how did your justify it? What was the result and why

1 Answers

Honestly, I had an answer prepared before I walked in the room.


At which height we use safety harness

1 Answers

2 meter

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