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Corporate Leadership Rotational Program was asked...January 25, 2020

Why would the program suit you as opposed to other candidates?

1 Answers

I spoke about the unique rotational program which suited my interests and educational background. Less


Why do you think nationwide opened a bank?

1 Answers

My answer was cross-sell their products because people may want to insure at the same place they bank or bank where they are insured. Less

Sun Life

What challenges did you face when working with your previous job and give an example of how you overcame them

1 Answers

Dealing with an unruly client and handling the situation with poise and control


What are some areas you think HubSpot could improve upon in regards to marketing?

1 Answers

Marketing themselves or the marketing platform?


A practical question regarding starting a new e-commerce business.

1 Answers

If you don't have a retail or e-commerce background, do your homework. The behavioral questions were the standard behavioral questions you get at most post MBA interviews. Less

ION Group

Walk me through your resume

1 Answers

Tell me about [insert specific experience from resume]


Where do you see yourself in five years?

1 Answers

How did you answer this question? (Optional)

Sun Life

How have you adapted to change in the past

1 Answers

Looked towards my group projects and how we adapted and rolled with the punches


The last interview was with 2 people that were in the Evergreen rotational program, with the supervisor. I asked questions concerning the program - I wanted to know what they enjoyed about the program, and any challenges or difficulties being in the program. One of the interviewer that was currently in the program didn't like the word "difficulties". She was almost yelling at me when she said, "Difficulties? What do you mean by difficulties?" I explained that I meant any difficulties with completing the "projects". She then settled down, and the interview continued. Before I interviewed with the last panel, I was waiting in the hallway with another candidate. I asked him how the interviews were going, and he shook his head and said it wasn't going well, and that it was a waste of his time being there. I asked what happened, and he told me that in his first interview one of the interviewers was texting on her phone, not really listening to his answers to the questions that were being asked. I couldn't believe it, and told him I thought that was very rude. He thought I was doing well since I spent the maximum time allowed per interview. His interviews only lasted 5 to 10 minutes at the most, and I felt bad for him in that he wasn't shown much respect. He was a University of Washington graduate, which is the number one business and accounting school in Washington. I didn't think he deserved that kind of treatment.

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She told me that I was already told that the "challenges" of the program was told to me earlier in the interview - that you don't have a permanent office, and you are always moving around, so my question was already answered. I was stymied by her aggressive reaction, and was really put on the spot. The supervisor watched the whole thing, and said nothing. Less


Tell us about your favorite product (doesn't have to be Taser) and your favorite brand.

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