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Retail Store Manager Interview Questions


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Nothing unexpected at all. All extrememly basic questions. I suppose that would be the difficult part - trying to come up with different answers for the same questions to each job you had!

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There’s a script that they expect the interviewer to use. It’s pretty silly when you have an interviewer doing nothing more than reading from a sheet of paper and really not interacting with the candidate. I never used their script when I worked there. I incorporated their questions but I did so in a conversational manner.

What drives you?

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How much retail management experience do you have

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what was your biggest obstacle to overcome so far in life?

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What are your greatest strengths and what are your greatest weaknesses?

Tell us about yourself?

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what is your worst quality and why ? What are you doing to improve that ? How was I as an Interviewer ? Tell me a little about our company ?

Work Experience

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