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What will you do if you see your diabetic patient cold, clammy and having tremors?

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Monitor blood sugar, vital signs and level of consciousness and take appropriate action. make sure your immediate supervisor is aware.

Those sound like hypoglycemic symptoms. If after checking the blood sugar and it is indeed low, I would quickly administer orange juice if the patient is not NPO. I agree you need to also take vital signs and inform the charge nurse and the most responsible physician if the patient does not improve with the OJ.

how I would resolve conflict between staff, MD or client?

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Study their website and focus mainly on the Kelty adolescent website found on the Children's hospital website, study all your medications and be prepared for many scenario questions. Know the MSE and about autism

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They asked about a situation from a previous job that required me to take leadership.

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What are 3 clinical tactics employed by TOH

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How would you assist a diabetes patients who is not responding.

Why do I want to work here? What value do I bring to the unit? What are my goals? Where do I see myself in 5 yrs?

Tell me a little about where you graduated and your job experience. What shift are you interested in? Is this an opportunity you'd be interested in?

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