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how I would resolve conflict between staff, MD or client?

1 Answer

I would try to talk in quiet non threatening manner to diffuse situation. Ask what is the issue. ask how can this be resolved. make choices from suggestions that were discussed and find common ground in solutions.

do you want to work here

2 Answers

What are 3 clinical tactics employed by TOH

1 Answer

Study their website and focus mainly on the Kelty adolescent website found on the Children's hospital website, study all your medications and be prepared for many scenario questions. Know the MSE and about autism

1 Answer

They asked about a situation from a previous job that required me to take leadership.

1 Answer

Why do you think you're suitable for the job in this department?

1 Answer

There were none. I was asked about my experience and what type of nursing I was interested in.

Most were related to the unit and were specific. harder than other interviews

What is ERAS and how does it effect our patient care?

1 Answer

Basic interview questions, the one that I did not have on my list to prepare for are the following: How can I tell if you're stressed? When do you feel stressed?

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