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Regional sales director Interview Questions


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They asked me what volume of business I did in my current role.

1 Answer

I was honest, explained what my position entailed, and the approximate volume of business I sold every year.

They asked about my competitiveness?

1 Answer

Explain your style in meeting with and motivating employees?

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Asked situational type questions probing leadership, culture and skills

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Behavioral Model/STAR method: "Tell us about a time when..."

1 Answer

Are you willing to be on call 7 days a week to answer your cell phone for the Sales Representative questions or concerns?

1 Answer

They wanted an over skype presentation on one of their products.

1 Answer

Asked about experience mostly. How much time spent managing people/budgets/accounts.

1 Answer

Asked what my goals are and to describe past work experience in relation to sales.

1 Answer

Can you see yourself immersing in EJ's culture?

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