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Quality Assurance Engineer II was asked...July 26, 2017

1. Test Case Enumeration: Write test cases for taxi booking application for Ola or Uber. You are expected to write testcases covering different types of functional and non-functional testing areas 2. Problem Solving: Find the first occurance of a given number from the series which has the difference between the adjacent elements as 1. For Example {1, 0, -1,-2,-1,0,1,2,3} Note: Do not use Linear Search 3. Test Data Generation Write the test data for the function: int getSmallestIntegerPosition(int[] A) This method accepts as input integer array that is already sorted and rotated "n" number of items where n is less than the size of the array For Example: The test data can be {4,5,6,1} This was derived from {1, 4, 5,6} afer sorting and rotating the array for 3 times And output of the function returns the index of integer that has the smallest value Eg: {4,5,6,1}: the smallest value is 1 and its index is 3 Note: This method searches for the element and derives the position with an order of O(log(n)) 4. Debugging While using skype or google hangout application, you are not able to do a video chat, describe how you debug the problem considering different aspects of functional and non-functional testing 5. Scripting Find the nth consecutive occurence of a character in a given string. For example for the given input string of "Amazon is a great company as it haas AtoooZzz" and the output should be "o" 6. Consider a string "Hello Good Morning" it should print the sentence in reverse order output should be "Morning Good Hello" 7. Check two strings are anagram 8. Merge two dimesional Array Consider array1 ={{10, 15}, {30, 50}} array2 ={{20,40}, {5, 10}} Merged array should be sandwitched (array 1 should be sandwitched with array 2) also while merging array if value range is less than the previously added value then that value should not be added to the merged array Output should be {10, 20, 30, 40, 50} --> 15, 5 and 10 should not be added 9. Print middle character of a string. If middle value has even then print 2 characters Eg: Amazon -->print az 10. Search an element in array without using linear search technique 11. Write test cases for Amazon Prime functionality 12. Testcases enumeration and data preperation for Whatsapp messenger

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OLA Test Cases - Test the installation and Unistallation of the App - Test the login and log out of the account - Test the emergency contact receives the SMS when a ride is started - Test the signup for new user - Test the ride using ola money - Test the ola money transfer after KYC has been done - Test the ola money transfer without doing KYC - Test the current location picked when opened the app - Test the favorite marking of the locations - Test the picking of desired location - Test the vehicle availability in mins for all the types - Test the vehicle availability says no when there's no active driver for that type - Test the vehicle option from source to destination - Test the source and destination are interstate - Test the source and destination are intercountry through land - Test the source and destination has no roadways - Test the source and destination between two planets - Test the driver allocated for the ride can be called from the deep link of the app - Test the money displayed before the ride and after ride are same when taken the given route - Test the money displayed before the ride and after ride changes when taken the short/long route - Test the choice of source and destination by giving lat and longs for that location - Test the driver arrived indication is notified once he marked reached. - Test the booking during rush hours when the demand is more - Test the 'sorry cab didn't found' message when the search completes without booking a cab - Test the OTP generation - Test the SMS delivered for the booked cab or auto - Test the OTP starts the ride. Only correct number - Test by giving a random OTP number to start the ride - Test the OTP number by giving vehicle number - Test the auto deduction of ola money when the ride completes - Test the cancellation of OLA cab/auto - Test the cancellation charge applied after crossing the cancellation limit for that month - Test the promo code works for each ride - Test the OLA pass is applied if the pass hasn't been expired - Test the fare changes for each variant like Prime, Mini, Micro - Test Ola outstation verification - Test the late night charges are higher than the usual - Test the cab driver cancellation of the current booking notified in the SMS and Ola app - Test the booking when the network has a weak signal strength Less

Google Hangout - Unable to do video chat - Check whether the camera is turned on - Check whether the connected device have camera option - Check whether the internet connection is switched off - Check the video chat after refreshing or restarting the app - Check whether the Gmail account had been logged out - Check whether the camera option is disabled in the device - Check whether the camera is not working in the device - Check by opening the hangout in the mobile or other device - Check by opening the hangout in different browser window - Check by opening the hangout in different browser - Check whether the javascript is disabled - Check after clearing the cache of the browser - Check after clearing the cookie of the browser Less

def maxRepeating(str): str = str.replace(" ", "") print(str) n = len(str) count = 0 res = str[0] cur_count = 1 # Traverse string except # last character for i in range(0, n-1): # If current character # matches with next if ( str[i] == str[i + 1]): cur_count += 1 # If doesn't match, update result # (if required) and reset count else: if cur_count > count: count = cur_count res = str[i] cur_count = 1 return res str = "Amazon is a great company as it haas AtoooZzz" print(maxRepeating(str)) Less

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First interviewer asked about potential scenarios to test APIs. Many follow-up questions based on my answers. Next interviewer, asked me to draw object-oriented design for a given animal hierarchy. Then, write code to find if the given coordinates are part of the four corners of a rectangle. Next, flip two dimensional array. Bar raiser asked many questions about i18n, testing web services etc. Behavioral questions such as examples of situations where you had conflicts with the idea of the majority of the team, approach when you find bugs after release etc were raised in each interview.

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Palindrome: String s='aba'; for (int rev =s.length-1;rev>=0;rev--){ String s_rev=s_rev+s.CharAt(rev); } if (s.equals(s_rev)){ s.o.p("palindrom') else s.o.p('not a palindrom'); } Less

For a palindrom number: n =22; int rev; rem=0; while (n>0){ rem = n%10; rev = rev+10+rem; n=n/10} if(rev==n) sop(no. is palindrom); Less

public static void main(String[] args) { Scanner sc = new Scanner(System.in); String str = sc.nextLine(), reverse = ""; int len = str.length(); for(int i=len-1; i>=0; i--) { reverse = reverse + Character.toString(str.charAt(i)); } System.out.println(reverse); sc.close(); } Less

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1. You built an application like google drive. State the test cases 2. You are trying to upload a picture on facebook and it is not loading. List out the possible errors 3. Reverse alternate words in a sentence

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3. Reverse Alternate words in a sentence String str[] = "I answered a question in Quora".split("[\\s@&.?$+-]+"); // Len of the given sentence int len = str.length; // Final answer to be printed String ans = ""; // Alternate words that get reversed String revWords = ""; // Traverse the entire sentence for (int i = 0; i = 0; j--) { revWords = revWords + words.charAt(j); } // Alternatively accumulate the same in the answer variable to preserve the order. ans = ans + revWords + " "; // Reset the revWords variable to reverse the next alternate word. revWords = ""; } // Accumulate the words to answer variable which are next to the reversed Words. else ans = ans + str[i] + " "; } System.out.println(ans); Less

def reverseWordSentence(Sentence): # Splitting the Sentence into list of words. words = Sentence.split(" ") # Reversing each word and creating # a new list of words # List Comprehension Technique n = len(words) for i in range (0, n): if i%2 !=0: words[i] = words[i][::-1] # Joining the new list of words # to for a new Sentence newSentence = " ".join(words) return newSentence # Driver's Code Sentence = "GeeksforGeeks is good to learn" # Calling the reverseWordSentence # Function to get the newSentence print(reverseWordSentence(Sentence)) Less

2. Facebook Photo Upload Debugging - Check whether the session has been expired - Check whether the account has been logged out in some other tab but the album is open in another tab - Check the upload by changing the image formats - Check whether the internet is disconnected - Check whether there's a split seconds drop in the network - Check whether the javascript is disabled in the webbrowser - Check across different browsers - Check by uploading the same photo from the facebook app - Check by logging off and logging in again for the facebook account - Check the photo upload by changing the email id for the facebook account - Check the upload for the same photo in instagram - Check the photo upload in the timeline instead of the album - Check the photo upload in the Profile picture section instead of the album - Check the photo upload in the cover picture section instead of the album - Check the total limit of the the album allowed - Check the image file has been corrupted - Check the image file is protected Less

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Find the smallest and the largest number in an unsorted array

3 Answers

list.sort() print "smallest : ",list[0] print "largest : ",list[-1]

def equi(arr): max_val =max(arr) min_val = min(arr) print(max_val,min_val) Less

sort is O(nlogn). you should have easily done in O(n)


How do you run a program with administrator privileges under Linux?

2 Answers

sudo /some/program

I did not answer as I am not Linux specialist.


Given a random, unknown number between 1-1000, what is the minimum number of questions needed to get the correct number? You may only ask questions that have Yes or No as an answer

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I think this is a binary search problem. So to find a number in the range 1-1000, 10 questions are needed at max (2 ^ 10 = 1024). The questions would be start like, is the unknown number greater than 500 and depending on the answer would continue the search in the range > 500 or < 500 and so on. Less

1. For the scenario where you got the correct number in your first yes or no question. Less


How would you test Google Map?

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1. install uninstall 2. shut down when it s running 3. get directions 4. various time calculations between to endponts ie travel by car train flight 5. zooming 6. locate the place 7.Getting traffic in searching areas 8. near by restuarants and imp places 9. getting photos 10. slide show of photos Less

Test the current location that the app shows when opened Test the pick a location when searched for the same Test the distance from point A to B Test the reversal of point B to A Test the colors of traffic and non traffic region marked from Point A to Point B Test the visibility of available options (Public Transport, Car, Bike, Walk) to travel from Point A to Point B Test the duration of each options Test the search results match with the web application Test the zoom in feature of the point marked Test the drag and mark a point Test the navigation feature of Point A to Point B in any chosen mode of transport Test the dots appear for navigation when walk is chosen as mode of transport Test the Voice guidance while navigation from point A to B Test the change of voice from male to female for navigation guidance. Test the installation and unistallation of the app Test the search of the latitude and longitude in the app Test the sync between recent search history in app ans web Test the photos of the place Test the reviews of the place Test the slide show of the place Test Cross platform for app Test Cross platform for web Test backward compatibility for app Test lower version for web browsers Test the restaurants, bar, coffee, gas station, banks, parking lots features Test the local commute timings Test the bus stops for a bus commute from point A to B Test the favorite place saving Test location sharing in WhatsApp Test location sharing in Facebook or Google chats or any chatbox Test the location URL sent across the mail is clickable Test the location URL sent across the mail points to the correct location Test the deep link of the url from the mail app (Not opening a browser when clicked a map link) Test the Map view Test the satelite view Test the street view Drop the street view anywhere and test the 3D navigation Test the map shows the login of your gmail Test the map is present in the google apps of your login Test the logo of the maps in mobile Test the "you are here" appears as soon as it locates you Test the movement of the location dot as you move with your mobile Test the alert text as you've reached the destination Disable the javascript in the web browser and search Less

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What are goals that you set in place for the future.

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Not available


typical behavioral questions

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Blackboard brainstorming and quality tools

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Mostly routine questions. Nothing extraordinary

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