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Businesses seeking a public affairs specialist want someone who can help the company develop a strong brand image and connection to the public. When interviewing for this position, it is likely that interviewers will ask about your communication skills, writing abilities and the techniques you use when researching and establishing a brand image.

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Top Public Affairs Specialist Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top public affairs specialist interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: What are your strengths when it comes to communication?

How to answer: When asked this question, highlight your communication skills that relate to the job position. You can cite the job description, and you can talk about your ability to deliver speeches during press conferences, answer questions during media briefings and communicate sincerely and effectively to a variety of audiences.

Question No. 2: Can you tell me about a time when you successfully helped a company grow through public affairs and business branding?

How to answer: Use this question as an opportunity to highlight your experience. You can talk about how you used research to develop an impressive press release, media briefing or social media campaign that attracted a new audience to a company.

Question No. 3: How would you handle a public affairs crisis?

How to answer: Interviewers want to know what you would do if a public affairs crisis happened at their company. Talk about a time when this happened in your career or emphasise your problem-solving skills to help an interview develop trust in you.

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British Heart Foundation
Head of Policy and Public Affairs was asked...September 23, 2022

What are some of your strengths? Tell us about a time you've won someone over?

University Health Network

How would you develop a comms plan for this department


Quale ritiene essere la sfida più difficile che ha affrontato sul lavoro? Come l'ha superata?


¿Por qué asuntos públicos? ¿Por qué el sector privado? ¿Qué experiencia tienes en asuntos corporativos?

the LEGO Group

Motivation to work at the LEGO Group and thoughts on the core values of play and creativity.


Asked about my background as it relates to the position - challenges in previous roles that could be applicable to the position in question.

1 Answers

Used the STAR format to answer the questions.

Global Strategy Group

How do you balance multiple tasks and deadlines

Nove (Belgium)

Tell us about your past experiences.

Gorillas Technologies GmbH

Why Public Affairs? What do you expect?

Expedia Group

What did you do when you had a push back?

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