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I was asked if I was prepared to handle and deal with a constantly changing environment.

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It is my nature to thrive in situations like this and I understand their concern with that as the company is always evolving and improving what they do, and with change, growing pains are expected. But that's just life, in my opinion.

A conversational interview. They asked about different methodologies, communication style and experience.

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Agility related type questions like how to coordinate efforts of multiple scrum teams etc.

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What is the benefits of a snow flake over star schema?

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Can finishing be completed on ceiling of a new building before the roof is Cast.

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What is the cross join result for 2 10 row tables.

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-What is Test Plan, what is the most important componenet of a test plan. - What kind of risks did you face in your earlier project and how did you mitigate them - What is variable annuity. - What is Test Strategy.

Suppose your wife moved to another country, would you follow her or would you stay with the company?

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