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There was no technical questions, it was mostly questions about how to manage a team and relating to old experience.

How does your experience translate to the projects within YVR? Tell us about a time you had to deal with difficult clients/suppliers.

Mostly behavioural and situational, the usual interview stuff.

1. What skills do you have that aren't shown on this resume 2. What skill do you feel you're strongest in 3. What skill do you feel you have to work on the most 4. What's your work style 5. What type of team environment do you function best in 6. Do you like a stable work load, or one that fluctuates 7. How do you decompress after a long day's work 8. Tell me about a time a project almost went offtrack, and what you did to fix it

1.what kind salary are you looking for? 2. Are you afraid of learning new stuff?

About engineering activities which I perform in daily life.

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What kind of cutting tools are on the table.

How skillful are you in making presentations and engineering reports?

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