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Tell us about yourself Previous Projects Handled and the budgets Use a project to describe the project management process Tell us your greatest challenges Why choose us Any questions for us

which courses did you pass in the case of management?

what is your plan for next 5 year?

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1- Introduce your self, and lets talk a bit about your experience

Give me an example of a when you have experienced conflict with a team member and how did you handle this?

Tell me about yourself and in which projects that i worked in the past

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Nothing technical.. explained the amount of filed work wish they emphasized a lot. Made sure I was in agreement with the work I would be doing. Asked about my salary expectations.. asked about my career expectations... Asked about my ability with Spanish (as they had field work in South America). The interview was very informal and by no means were the questions difficult or question were the was a correct answer per say it was more just trying to get to know me, the expectations I had, and if I understood the type of work I would be doing.

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How many masters degrees do you have for this position as project manager? How many years experience do you have in the construction industry?

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