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Describe your current role, responsibilities, achievements.

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Asked about my achievements where I had worked

phone interview: behavioral: introduce myself where do I see myself in five years? why do I choose to work for evertz? technical: What's the north American TV standard ? Name few sorting algorithms you know what dose "const" mean in C++ how many hosts available in a particular subnet, given the subnet masking network related Linux command SQL related question on-site interview: first group of people interviewed me for 1-1.5 hours, behavioral: introduce myself why do you choose this position technical: since I have no knowledge about JavaScript, I was given 10 mins to explain a paragraph of JavaScript code, and calculate the output how to check if two hosts are connected what's north american TV standerd linux basic commands questions name few video compression format there are few more I don't remember. second group of people interviewed me for 1 hour, behavioral: what's my interests what's my real interests will the responsibility of this position fits my interests technical: difference between "union" and "struct" two ways to reverse a linked list networking related questions Linux basic command questions

What are the circles in project management and what step is the hardest

How does your experience translate to the projects within YVR? Tell us about a time you had to deal with difficult clients/suppliers.

Where do you see your self in the future?

Typical soft skill questions. Strength/weakness, how do I perform under pressure and tight deadline, etc.

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