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One of the most interesting questions was around a web page that was timing out when downloading data and how you would go out addressing it. I came up with so many different ideas and it was quite fun to problem solve

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How dod you tackle this problem. I would say, you can have a wrapper and try to increase the timeout. Or try to download the data at a specific interval so you don't timeout. What was your approach?

One thing to make sure of is that you ask a lot of clarifying questions to eliminate any variables or unknowns you have. In this case, I had to determine what the network architecture was like - centralized or distributed (is network latency a concern?), what was the process flow? Could I resolve the issue by paginating the data coming back as opposed to displaying it all at once? Use what you know of human beings and their limitations. No one is going to be able to digest 1000s of records in one shot. Perhaps a summary with drill down would work? But you'll need to understand what the data is being used for before suggesting something like this (more clarifying questions) What about caching and reverse proxy? the effectiveness of that will depend on your network architecture, I presented several solutions, ranging from cheap and easy to complex and expensive. I actually gave the correct solution that the interviewer wanted (and the one they actually implemented in real life as this was an actual issue) but the interviewer kept me going to explore more and more ideas Pro Tip: Take notes!! the interviewer will give you a lot of information at once, don't try to memorize it all, write down all the salient points!

Can I know what was the solution the interviewer expected in this case?

What has been your Program Management assignments Are you comfortable with the roles and responsibilities of the FTTP Program job description If there were 3 words to describe your personality as a Program Project Manager - Diligent, Dependable and Corporative.

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Tell us about your employment journey

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Are you familiar with CRM?

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Experience in Project and Program Management. Examples of managing conflict (specific scenarios) Examples of managing resources and tough job assignments. Examples of Financial Management and Budgeting. Examples of Risk Management.

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What skills would you bring that other candidates do not have?

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The manhatten problem. There are several Groups of People in a city-grid. How do you find the easiest place for them to meet? The easiest means the place that is the least amount of effort for the least amount of people.

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2. Have you worked on Software projects using Agile methodology?

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1. Tell me about your professional experience

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What is something positive that noone would say about you?

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