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Material and Process Engineer II was asked...January 29, 2016

The first question I was asked by a team of 3 employee interviewers was, "What do you think this job would be?" Because I had studied the job description, I could give a pretty decent answer; but at NO point do they ever describe any aspect of the job to you. Two of the interviewers were OK, but the third guy grilled me to an inch of my life. He even asked me what a certain acronym was for a particular industry organization and one of the other interviewing employees said that "even he didn't know what those letters stood for." I was not offered a plant tour after traveling several hundred miles and I had to ask for one. I might add after over a 2 months process of applying an interviewing I was turned down for the job and the explanation I got from my recruiter was that Nordam felt that I had the academic background, knowledge and theory to do the job, but that I didn't fit their "overall requirement." At NO point in two months was I ever given any hint as to what would be required from me - AT NO POINT. It does seem to me that Nordam did everything in their power to make me miserable for this interview and then they turn me down. Yes, I am bitter; but I was nothing but polite and accommodating throughout the interview process. I even sent thank you e-mails and thank you notes by snail mail to each interviewer. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! DO NOT INTERVIEW WITH THEM!!! You will be wasting your time, I promise. I might add that if Nordam was testing behavior of a person, they went about it through cockeyed methods. A behavioral test would tell them much more than one interviewer making subjective conclusions about someone they forced to have little to no sleep before the interview and didn't offer any hospitality to whatsoever. I wouldn't treat an animal, they way I was treated.

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Its a blessing in disguise that you did not managed to join the company. Trust me. Less

I answered the question about what I thought the job would require by saying all I could remember from the job description and I even went further and said what other skills I had that Nordam may find useful. Less

I also did the same. I didn't just regurgitate the job description; I did expound on my other skills that Nordam may use. This is why even Nordam said that I had the academic experience, knowledge and theory to perform the job; yet I was not made an offer. I cannot be sure, of course, but I wouldn't discount a type of discrimination, possibly age discrimination. Less

Samsung Austin Semiconductor

There were two panels of four engineers/managers that interviewed me. The questions mostly pertained to my past experience as I had 16 years job related experience. Technical questions were related to defect knowledge and an equipment question to draw a rough sketch of a process control I loop parameter in block form. A few behavioral questions concerning working in a team environment. They were interested in my ability to mentor and train younger engineers and my style of training. I was given the opportunity to ask questions about the area to which I applied and the hiring manager asked what I considered to be the definition of an 'ideal' manager.

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I answered each question in a straightforward manner and elaborated on my experiences when I was asked a question about a past job role. Technical questions were not too difficult and they were very patient while I gathered my thoughts before putting a diagram on paper. I appreciated the manager asking the question about what my personal view of an ideal manager was. It left me with the impression that they cared about my input and were trying to gauge what qualities were most important to a technical contributor with respect to their manager. Less

How long after on site interview was an offer presented


How do you find your computer's IP address? What are DNAs made of? How do you break the bonds between DNA? What does a double helix look like? What is mean, median, mode, standard deviation? Ideal work environment? Ideal manager? Any work environment that you won't survive?

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Double helix looks like a twisted ladder.

Mean is the average. Median is the middle number of the set of numbers arranged in a numerical order. Mode is the number that has the most repetitions. Std deviation is a measure of how spread out numbers are. Less

Alamance County Government

The some of the employees that work for the company are not al honest and truthful

1 Answers

Rather not discuss

Kokua Support Services

Will working in a military structured office be an issue?

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Citicorp North America

I didn't feel that the questions were unexpected or difficult

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No comment

Texas Bank and Trust

What systems I have used

1 Answers

LaserPro but they use Argo


Pay once a month toleration in comparison with job requirement?

1 Answers

Yes will perform under criteria


The interview itself lasted 2/12 hours and the most difficult question was billing related to their systesms. Not past experience on billing tasks.

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General experience however, every company processing billing differently when the systems are customized so my answer was that you have to research the existing process before you can review to make enhancements or recommendations. Less

Precision Castparts

Six Tests, Watson Glaser II to Math Based Reasoning

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Scored Well

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