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Northrop Grumman
Principal Communications Representative was asked...May 4, 2021

What are you interested in working on?

3 Answers

Metal , welding it to make it support things with force is absolutely amazing!!

Cyber Security analyst auditor investigator

Safety, i’m a very conscientious safety person, I have heard of Northrop Grumman many times before and I respect them as a company. Roy is close to my home. Less


Given a large document and a short pattern consisting of a few words (eg. W1 W2 W3), find the shortest string that has all the words in any order (for eg. W2 foo bar dog W1 cat W3 -- is a valid pattern)

3 Answers

This is a classic minimal window problem described in detail here - Less

import java.util.*; class Untitled { public static void main(String[] args) { String[] strs = {"a","b","d","e","x","b","z","s","x","c","e","c","d","b"}; String[] pattern = {"b","z","x"}; getMin(strs, pattern); } private static void getMin(String[] strs, String[] pattern){ //initialize the set HashSet set = new HashSet(); for(int i = 0; i map = new HashMap(); for(head = 0; head map, String[] strs, int position){ if (!map.containsKey(strs[position])) return true; if (map.get(strs[position]) <= 1) return false; return true; } } Less

Could you please explain this??


Common algorithm question

3 Answers

I solved this problem correctly and explained what I did , also during writing each line I was explaining why I am writing it. But still no next round . Very useless .... I suggest do not spend your energy for this dead old company. Less

Could you please share the leetcode difficulty of the problems asked during the interview? Less

The key in these questions is to cover the fundamentals, and be ready for the back-and-forth with the interviewer. Might be worth doing a mock interview with one of the Oracle or ex-Oracle Principal Software Engineer experts on Prepfully? They give real-world practice and guidance, which is pretty helpful. Less


Print unique strings in a array.

2 Answers

Used HashSet to keep track of string that were already seen.

1) Build a Trie and just then just walk and print it then... 2) Like above, use hash, however, this is challenging if you can have unbounded string... as definition of string.... char-sequence-until-null so potential input can one huge sequence.... if it is known that string can be resonably 256 char long at max and all english letter then you can make hash function. Less

CA Technologies

Business case on a company which is struggling on declining sales and are already exhausted with all possible options available to them or they could think of

2 Answers

1. If not done so yet, chart sales vs. time. Analyze what happened when things started to decline: compare the chart with business intelligence from similar industries/competitors. Compare if market share is being lost to " someone" or market share is being lost equally among all. If market share lost equally among all, then this indicates a secular shift in whatever market they are so time to evaluate business model/value proposition. If market we lost gained by "someone" then evaluate value proposition for "value issues" meaning quality, cost, performance, etc. If no main findings here, evaluate for personnel issues (bad teamwork, HR changes, policy changes, etc.). BTW, all of this can be done in parallel, making the best use of time as possible. JSR:. Less

What could be your advice around the next steps ...i.e if you conclude there is no way sales could be improved ...what would be the strategy on next steps Less


The VCR Plus feature was described. In the TV programming guide each program/show/movie had its own code. When user wanted to program the VCR to record a particular show she just had to enter the program code from the guide - no need to enter the start and end time. I was asked to design this feature. How can it be achieved?

2 Answers

Assuming that TV shows start and end at the 1 min interval (ie won't need to set the start to 1:35:28), there are 1440 mins in 24 hours. One solution would be to have an 8 digit VCR Plus code: xxxxyyyy The first 4 digits will be the start time, second 4 digits will be the end time. This will take 8 bytes of space. Less

Actually the VCR+ has 30 minute resolution. It packs the info into binary bits, then converts from binary to decimal, saving digits. The Java code is here: Less

Chicago Public Schools

What will you do to improve test scores? Everyone that asks this has a different idea as to the correct answer. Just say you will analyze the data and make instructional changes based on it.

2 Answers

Make sure students are familiar with the language of the test. Students often get a question wrong not because they don't know the material, but because they did not understand the wording of the question. Less

Get to know people and treat people with respect. This works wonders in CPS.

Cadence Design Systems

In order to test my behavior and thought process in front of a new problem, they tested me with the following game: you have 3 switches in one room and 3 lamps in another room (you cannot see from one room to another), what is the minimum number of trips from one room to another to determine which switch is for which lamp.

2 Answers

after you :)

1 trip is sufficient

Techwave Consulting

questions related to technical skills which candidate would have

2 Answers

Bro.. most worst company Don't believe this kind of organizations

Chtta company And Murali kovvuri and chetta fellow vuntadu don't believe him. Chetta lanja koduku Less


Tell me your ability to work under pressure?

2 Answers

To stay calm, working safe is priority, positive attitude give my best safe quality work an production will show Less

Hard pressure

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