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Principal I/C Designer was asked...April 23, 2015

When are you available for arriving to work in California?

1 Answers

Two weeks from a firm written salary amount inclusive with the types of benefits and relocation package attached with instructions on how to implement the standard rules of employment Less


Can you show me the before and after screens?

1 Answers

I showed him my portfolio but also explained why before and after screens would not do justice in understanding me because he should know what contributes to a principal designer. Less


Wanted to understand the research process and how I arrived at my design decisions.

1 Answers

We never had an opportunity to really dive deep into any answers. The interview was rushed and incomplete. The interviewer appeared to not have experience interviewing people. Less


They asked my approach to navigation design - related to other ways I might design an example from my portfolio.

1 Answers

I gave 2 other options for accomplishing the same IA/Nav. Although I was trying to stay on point and answer the question asked directly, you MUST pull information out of them (all the precepts, prior versions, prior user tests, existing product vs. discover phase of a new product, etc.) that you have to pull from. The question SHOULD have been: "What's your general approach to a new navigation design project?" Less

Moss Building & Design

What experience did I have in Sales

1 Answers

That I'd built and sold my companies brand and self generated the majority of my own leads. Less


How much of this project was your work?

1 Answers

Unlike other places, they don't want to see that you run the show. They want to know that you shun credit and work well with others. Less


Have you actually done any work?

1 Answers

Is there any point answering this Q to anyone who has never run or set up their own company, only ever been paid by someone else? Less


How do you deal with challenging people?

1 Answers

I believe everyone has their strengths, and when you encounter challenging colleagues it's important to spend time working with that individual understanding how they work best and what you can do to assist them do their best work. Less


Why conversation experience design at Nuance

1 Answers

I spoke about my encounter with conversation experience design (what made it interesting to me or why I like it) , and the perspective that I can bring, then made sure to link it back to the Nuance Less


My process with meeting new clients and how to work with difficult / needy clients.

1 Answers

After initial greetings, I tend to ask how much they know about our platforms (did they see enough during sales demos etc), and how much brand assets / guidelines they have. I then walk them through how we can apply their brand to our frameworks and do a back forth with questions / comments. As for working with difficult clients, it's best to take a slower approach and ensure they fully understand what we can and cannot do for them within our platform, and ensure to take difficult questions offline and discuss potential solutions with the team. Less

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