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Vineyard USA
Principal Database Administrator/Developer was asked...October 13, 2015

what is SQL DBA Funtions

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as normally what we perform in my job role

SRA International

Technical Application Oracle based questions. Question could have been more challenging.

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Very Well


don't remember many of the difficult tech questions.

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don't remember many of the difficult tech questions.


Nothing really stands out. I was asked one technical question which was just unexpected to check my entry-level SQL knowledge. I was actually told that the question is being asked to not insult my skills but just as standard practice. I thought it was good to be reminder once in a while that easiest questions sometime shows interviewers about your thinking process.

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I am very happy to have joined the company. Team is awesome and love how they collaborate and help each other. Less


About my expirience, technical skills level, some details about possible solution in database area, SQL.

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Only the truth

Manhattan Associates

It was a technical questions on DB2, types of exception handling supported on DB2.

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