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Principal Business Development Manager was asked...April 15, 2022

Focus on the leadership principles.

1 Answers

Really think about times in your life where you have had experiences that map to each of the LPs. Less

BNY Mellon

What can we as a bank do better?


Describe an important business situation in which you acted without seeking approval from your superiors


Noting specific here.


Phone screen: e.g. Describe a situation that was going south and how did you handle it. In person: Various analytical problem to solve on the board


Tell me about a significant situation where you acted without approval from your boss


personal information , work background , experience , projects , business development , expected salary , 5 years vision , what you expect from Oracle, why do you need to join Oracle , what is your aim form working for Oracle.


Give an example of a tough or critical piece of feedback you received. what did you do about it?


Give me an example of a time where you had to take ownership of a project?

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