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Portfolio analyst Interview Questions


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Round 1: What do you know about the firm? Why did you apply? What interest you about the role? Round 2: Mostly left it up to me to ask questions. Explained the role very well to ensure clarity about functions. Asked about my past experience, specific questions about points on my resume. I didn't make it to round 3. Overall good interview experience.

95% of the questions started with “how many of years of experience do you have in...?

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Tell me about your process in analyzing/obtaining financial statements, rent rolls, operating statements, and net worth statements and what would you do if you consider it to be deficient

Describe what is portfolio attribution and how it is measured?

Had to prepare a 20 minute presentation: How you will approach your first 60 days coming in to lead a team of people, how you have successfully done your job in the past, how you plan to get acquainted and up to speed on the world of insurance.

Introduce yourself. The task you don't want to do Tech question.

Coming from a background of extensive hands-on product development, can you adapt to being a silent moderator with clients and industry experts?

1. Self-introduction 2. Past work experience with data 3. What did I learn from a master and undergraduate degree? 4. Programming and data analytics experience 5. Difference between left and inner join in SQL and python 6. Work experience previously 7. What kind of analysis did I do at previously co and what did I find? 8. How do I give recommendation Why your recommendation to the manager is powerful? 9. Why you read the master’s degree 10. Why you what the student position

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