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What is your experience in the X field?

3 Answers

I have zero experience in X field.

Password option fill again & again but not success........i am from india and working in ACC Cement Co. ( lafarge holcim ) i have done master degree HRA & finance department .i have Above 10 years experience....

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Why do you apply for this job?

1 Answer

How I can contribute to the organization. Addressed specific questions about skills. Tested knowledge about government processes such as finance, procurement.

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What is the biggest issue facing Atlantic businesses during COVID?

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What resources would you use to conduct research?

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What is the single most important skill you will need in order to operate effectively in a high paced university environment?

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What do you know about this position?

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What challenges you?

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what is the policy development process

1 Answer

- What are your key qualifications to be a policy advisor? - Top three policy issues facing a particular sector which falls within the purview of the the ministry - Situational and behavioral questions (conflicting priorities, workplace conflict resolution, negotiation issues) - Policy/research project experience and specific roles played and results achieved. - Examples of where your demonstrated communication/presentation/writing/computers kills -

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