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Intuitive (Intuitive Surgical)
Planner Scheduler was asked...July 17, 2015

more about medical

3 Answers

don't have any experience with medical but can learn quick

Found excellent read:

Your lucky you missed getting that job. You would had been a 12 hour a day slave to the cruel planning Management. No one should work there. All you would have done for the first year would have been cycle counts. Planners don't do cycle counts. Less


Phone interview with hiring manager all based on my working experience

2 Answers

As what shows an resume

Hello, Thank you for sharing your experience. Can you please share your experience regarding video interview as well? What type of questions did they ask you? Thanks. Less


What are your career goals?

2 Answers

My career goals is a successful person in life.

Increase professional knowledge and training.

Clean Energy Collective

Lots of questions relevant to position and vision for the position and company. One of the curious and unexpected questions I was asked what are relevant to my hobbies and what project ('s) was on my workbench right now..

2 Answers

After describing my hobbies and work on my workbench, and going off on some other tangent for close to 1 hour, I had to stop and ask what is the relevance of the question. I was told they just wanted to get to know me. Less

Very typical of this company - they don't TRUST anyone

C&W Services

What consists of your day

2 Answers

I said what I do throughout my workday


Land O'Lakes

Questions were worded to mean the same like they were badgering you to open up something that you did previously that wasn't a positive result.

2 Answers

Interviewed 6 FAANG employees and got this:

Management can't hid in their offices or get more supervisors on the production floor before losing people or blaming them for your poor supervising and lack of training. Less


How much salry you expect ?

2 Answers

5000 sr

As per company Standard


Would you consider working for a smaller salary?

1 Answers

Yes, since what I was getting paid was "response salary" vs regular salary


What are your weaknesses?

1 Answers

Tend to take a job a little too seriously.

JBS (Brazil)

Where do you want to be in five years? Asked by the plant manager.

1 Answers

I don't know, I guess I'd take your job.

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