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NONE, the most ridiculous interview, barely asked me any relevant questions. Mostly wanted to gloat about himself and his pharmacy. Had such a big ego, even went as far as to insult a medical student who couldn't do his test, which by the way he doesn't even give you enough information to complete. He threw in a "what are your strengths" just to cover his bases it seemed for it to be considered "an interview".

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Do not apply to work for this place or at least make it fully clear that you are looking to get PAID when he calls you, because he doesn't make the volunteer pitch until you are sitting in front of him. I didn't think it was something that needed to be said when you apply for a JOB posting but clearly this person is looking to scam people. Shameful.

Work experience

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What experience do you have?

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Tell me a time where you handled a stressful situation.

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What skills will you bring to this company?

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What are your weaknesses?

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How would you help a difficult customer?

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