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what do you know about shoppers

3 Answers

what's your strength & weakness

Shopper mart is biggest retail pharmcy mart in across all day at least 1250 retail shop mart running in Canada by co founder mullary sir

My strength is strong communication with patients

Your expected salary

2 Answers

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Problem solving skills

1 Answer

What was a difficult encounter you have had with a colleague?

1 Answer

They asked me what training and certification I had

1 Answer

Q When are you able to start work with us?

1 Answer

Interest in providing a clinical rather than a dispensing role

1 Answer

What I can add to the existing practice, how to keep proper records.

1 Answer

If i would be sticking to the location theyre giving me or would i sway away after a few months

1 Answer

Why do you want to work for Rexall?

1 Answer
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