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CSL Plasma
Paramedic was asked...February 21, 2015

Why do you want to get "out of the field?"

4 Answers

Into the Medical field with my experiences to help make a difference for people in the most helpful way. This is the best way to do good for people. I want to own knowing I am doing the best. Less

Different in my life learning new thing in the Medical field

Learn in thing in the medical world is going to be an experience for me and my family Less

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Basic, but asked in front of everyone.

4 Answers

Sir madm please let me know if I help you?

What is the office number

May I help you

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Acadian Ambulance Service
Paramedic was asked...October 16, 2017

When did you graduate?

2 Answers

I'm curious to know, if HR or maybe an Operations Director asked this question, and if that person was in reference to graduation from High School? Or from your Paramedic program? In EITHER context, BOTH answers to that particular inquery would clearly be presented to that person on the resumé in hand. With the only exception being that both parties POSSIBLY attended the same Paramedic Program or College. Otherwise, personally, that question would raise a BIG RED FLAG, and could be concern for a possible "age discrimination" situation... Just my 2¢. Less

^^^^ Just to clarify, I have never interviewed with this company before, I just felt that question to be "a bit off"... Thanks Less

Acute Medical Services
Paramedic was asked...February 17, 2019

Would you be willing to be put on salary?

2 Answers

If the number was right

This happens when they want you to work more than 48hrs/week without being paid overtime Less

Southwest Ambulance
Paramedic was asked...September 7, 2012

Trick question about getting dual assignments in a mass casualty situation.

2 Answers

Treat the patient who has the most likely chance of survival with the least amount of care Less

That would not be fair for me to say.


What would you do if a donor came in to donate two days early because he/she had a hungry child at home and needed the money to feed?

2 Answers

Do not break company protocol.

I'd kindly explain to the donor that the facilities policies and protocols are in place for the DONOR'S safety and health well-being, and advise that Donor of the most soonest date it would be safe to take his/her donation. I'd also take a few moments to do a quick browser search (if I didn't already have printed material on hand as I usually have had in the past) to refer that Donor to a local food pantry or charitable organization for short term EMERGENCY assistance to acquire FOOD. Less


Why I want to work for amr

2 Answers

I like helping people

Amr is the largest Emergency Medical Service in the country. I believe that here I can build up my knowledge of emergency field medicine. Also, AMR has many different career path that I could take and advance my ems career through this company. Less

Air Methods

Can you meet the weight requirements?

2 Answers

Absolutely! Only 10 pounds over my High School wrestling weight...

Currently at 250 lbs and cutting weight. I have lost over 50 lbs at this point.

Paramedic was asked...October 9, 2014

There are no medical questions in final interview, only character based questions. The multi tasking station is a tough nut too. Pay atttention to the instructions.

1 Answers

Rememeber that the peole on the board are professioanl BS detectors, they are all long time paramedics. Less

Acute Medical Services
Paramedic was asked...February 17, 2019

Are you married? Do you have any kids or other family issues that will cause problems for us?

1 Answers

This is an absolutely illegal question to ask.

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