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What is the most creative situtation you had to deal with a client?

4 Answers

I am need work permit or permanent resident please help me to I am in Tamil Nadu India help me

I will be work on your company if possible

I think I can do the job please help me , I am working before London 10 year ago but I am at the illegal work on more than 7 your at the time I need work for you company work visa or permanent resident please help me thanks

When working on a corporate file, what do you do first?

2 Answers

One interview question really stood out for me though and I found the question to be very telling of the office's culture. I was asked: What is the first thing you do in the morning when you get to work?

1 Answer

How do I handle a large caseload and staying within time constraints?

1 Answer

work specific questions; what was I looking for in a job

1 Answer

Transferable experience and skills?

1 Answer

Salary expectations?

1 Answer

why would you like to be a paralegal? what would you offer?

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