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OUTSIDE SALES was asked...April 24, 2012

Are you a farmer or a Hunter?

12 Answers

“I’m a hunter! Finding new prospects, qualifying them then closing them is the ultimate goal, but I enjoy all aspects of the hunt; from using my connections and networks to find new opportunities to using effective messages and communications to get the initial appointment. Being a hunter is the core of my success.” Less

in sales always tell them youre a hunter.

Always always always a hunter for a sales position

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The Coca-Cola Company

Tell me of a time you satisfied a previously dissatisfied customer?

10 Answers


Remain calm. When a customer starts yelling or being otherwise rude, there is nothing to be gained by responding in a similar manner. ... Don't take it personally. ... Use your best listening skills. ... Actively sympathize. ... Apologize gracefully. ... Find a solution. ... Less

I treat them with respect as with everyone. I listen carefully to lean about their complaint. Then I give them a resolution appropriate to the situation, and ask them if it’s fair or better than fair. Complaints are an opportunity to shine brightly for my company.. Less

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Oh you worked for a box store, you must know joe bob jim that was a janitor there.

9 Answers

“I don’t think I’ve met him. Did he apply for this position as well? I know that people that worked for the big box store were trained in numerous departments which helped me improve my sales skills overall.” Less

Exactly, this is what I am saying, I have the network part of sales already and they will be open minded to listen to me as I show the products that Cintas has to offer and better their company in the the Safe and clean Department. Less

No sir I don't know him

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Oh we also have another position would you be interested?

8 Answers

That's a hard no pal.

“Sure! I’m always open to hear about positions that you might think would fit my skills. Do you think this position might better prepare me for a sales position in the future?” Less

I have been in the Hospitality business before and have kept some relationships of customers through social media and personal contact. I already have the befriended part of the sales accomplished, now I can fast track and close the sale on my contacts. Less

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Costco Wholesale

Tell me about a time you displayed teamwork.

5 Answers

When I do Invatoery I leave my coworker a list also so it's easier for her she's 72 and it's hard for her to set up so I set up with out being asked and give her a count of all product . Less

Very easy, there are some times when another departament requieres addicional help, and relies to complete the work!! Less

This is an interesting read: bit.ly/faang100

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Why PepsiCo?

5 Answers

I want build my career with PepsiCo, becoz I have _ years Experience in sales and marketing. How to pitch with Client anf convert sales...it totally field work. Less

Pepsico is a mnc for global level...I want build my career with PepsiCo, becoz I have _4 years Experience in sales and marketing. How to pitch with Client anf convert sales...it totally field work. Less

Because of the good benefits and something different in my life. I'm tired of the food businesses Less

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Sunbelt Rentals

Are you ok with spending 30k on a new white pickup?

5 Answers


Please share the actual amount paid. The actual number was never truly spoken. Believe it or not $800 or $900 a month does not cover the costs on a new vehicle at 35,000 miles a year. Payment, ins., taxes, maintenance and tires. I already have a brand new car and own a newer red pickup, the purchase of another new truck does not make sense. If the job does not work out, you now have a 500+ car payment + ins. And taxes. I felt if they want you to drive a specific year and color vehicle they should mention that in the phone screening interview. Have you seen the price of new trucks??!! I am being conservative when I say 30k (+2,100 sales tax). Remember, it cannot be older than five years. If you purchase a three or four-year-old truck you'll be replacing it very soon. The starting pay for this position was also $35,000 with no guarantees. Less

This is changing this year. They are providing new Ford’s to all outside reps.

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Hattori Hanzo Shears

What's one thing that a salesperson must have?

4 Answers

Behaviour is most important.and try to customer satisfaction

Thick skin


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What was my time frame for moving to a new position

4 Answers

2 weeks notice to current employer.

Let me check with my parole officer but likely anytime. I've already been casing the joint for a couple of weeks anyway. Less

Out of respect for my current employer I would like to give a two week notice but I typically leave it up to them when I put in my two weeks in the car business which I am currently in most times they’ll tell you it’s not necessary if you’d like to go you can otherwise they would appreciate your two weeks very much depending on how well staffed they are. Less

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How many years of experience do I have; what's my expectation salary

4 Answers

17 years

17 years

10year experience

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