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MG Properties
Maintenance Technician was asked...December 14, 2017

the basic stuff experience etc

24 Answers

just regular answers



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Johnson Controls

Why do you want to work here?

8 Answers

Yes I'm ready

Your company very very good

This is company All fecility

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Richie Rich Services

Did I speak spanish

4 Answers


Yes I speak

Little conversational

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4 Answers

transformer is a static device which convert to ac. electrical power one circuit to other same frequency but voltage lavel is change Less

Aslamulikum sir, I'm Muhammad ishtiaq from Pakistan and doing job in Saudi Arabia last five years ago.I have good experience of electrical and fiber optical cable splicing. I'm aramco approve fiber optical cable splicing and testing fiber cable with ODTR Less

No have any in new York

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Emirates Global Aluminium

why do you want to join EMAL

4 Answers

I wanna learn and know that I heard about some new pots as dx+technology pots and also have got great desire to visit DUBAI and to see BURJ KHALIFA. Less

Am still Working in Aluminium Bahrain as a Contractor under Line - 6 project DX - ultra technology that's why I want to join EGA for better growth of my knowledge Less

I'm still working in Emirates aluminum as a Contractor under the NOVA Engineering since 2015 to continue. Less

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Lab Technician was asked...September 22, 2016

Willing to work overtime

4 Answers



I am willing to work overtime in order to meet deadlines and schedules.

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If instrument X is having trouble injecting a sample, what is the first place you would check for a problem?

4 Answers




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Ventura Foods

Are you willing to work weekends and to stay late?

4 Answers

Duty time to time no late also hand over next shift I wait for next shift guys come Less

I 'm free call you

My phone no +966593170684

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Kaiser Permanente

Give me one example from your past employment history where unusual events created interpersonal conflict and/or impaired customer service (i.e. patient and/or physician), including how you solved these multiple problems, and what was the final outcome.

4 Answers

i believe that there's no such conflict things that will occur if you passions on what you are doing. As a proactive person you can instantly think of best solution. Less

Once I was doing procedure ( Echo study of adult very obese patient ) but the resolution was too bad. We solved the problem by changing high frequency transducer to low frequency transducer. Less

i believe that there's no such conflict things that will occur if you passions on what you are doing. As a proactive person you can instantly think of best solution. Less

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What is the most important parameter of diffusion process?

4 Answers

Atomic weight

I am not so sure atomic weight it the right answer. In fact, I wouldn't even consider atomic weight one of the parameters. Diffusion is just the motion of molecules results in a change in density of the sample until it reaches equilibrium. To me, temperature and pressure would best way to speed up or slow down this process. Because this company has clean rooms perhaps they are referring to diffusion as it relates to optics which depends on lens shape and tepidity of liquid or cleanliness of air ect. I think I am OVER THINKING IT and getting bogged down in what i think the company is looking for, as opposed to the simple mathematical theory. The most important mathematical parameter is the diffusion coefficient. That is my final answer. Yes. Diffusion Coefficient. Less

While the molecular weight does play a role, the most basic answer would have been the difference in concentration across the boundary layer and the time given to diffuse. Less

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