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Second part - 100 questions

5 Answers

I did not pass this :/

Please let me know few questions

Can you use a calculator??

Stated all the questions in my post.

5 Answers

What skills u hav for a security officer?

4 Answers

1. When did you provide excellent customer service? 2. What would you do on your first day if you got hired? 3. If someone would not allow you to check their bag, what would you do?

3 Answers

Will you need any time off within the next 3 months?

3 Answers

Experience, English skills.

3 Answers

Your partner shows up intoxicated to work what do you do?

3 Answers

Why did you choose Paladin

3 Answers

Do you have a valid security license?

3 Answers

Why do you want to work here?

3 Answers
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