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What would you do if a third party asked for urgent personal information to be released but you did not have the individual's consent and no one else in your office was present?

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I would first try to contact the individual directly to explain the request and obtain their consent. I would not release the information if I could not obtain the individual's authorization. I would also consult a senior colleague from outside my team but who would have the relevant knowledge, experience, and authority in their own team to discuss how they handle these situations.

Why not ask a senior colleague from my team and who has the relevant knowledge/experience


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What is something you look for in a job?

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How would I handle confidentiality

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Do you have experience interacting with incoming students?

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Asked about company culture and how I would describe good culture.

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Is the commute from the East end of Durham to Toronto (office location) manageable?

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What's the problem with education today?

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