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U.S. Security Associates
Nuclear Security Officer was asked...March 30, 2017

Tell us about yourself? Why you want to work for U.S. Securities? What type of job did you do before?

1 Answers

Worked in military & law enforcement. U.S. Securities is a reputable company to work for. Law Enforcement. Less

U.S. Security Associates

If you have a problem with somebody how would you handle it

1 Answers

I would go to them and asked him what the problem is and what we can do to resolve it Less


If you had to confront someone that was suspected in having a concealed weapon on them how would you proceed?

1 Answers

Proceed with caution and ask the suspect to put down his bag, call for an additional officer to provide back up so a thorough check of the bag could be completed. Conduct a pat down of the suspect if checking bag does not settle suspicions. Less

Southern California Edison

Tell us a time when you made a terrible mistake and how did you handle it?

1 Answers

Go easy on your self.

Pacific Gas and Electric

Ask if i was a citizen and such can i stand on my feet and walk for up to 5 miles a day very basic stuff.

1 Answers

Yes to both counts

Southern California Edison

Tell me a time where you made a mistake at work and what you did about it.

Southern California Edison

Give a situation where you had to make a decision that was unpopular and what was the result or out come.


Describe a time you implanted or did something above and beyond and how did it benefit you and your peers?

Defender Services

Non are difficult.


what job experience make you qualified for the job.

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