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Data Scientist Interview Questions in New York City, NY, US


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Statistics, Machine Learning, Data Engineering

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Know Data Science basics. Be creative and analytical.

Explain Python.

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Do you like beer or wine more?

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You need to make a sequence of successive predictions where each prediction depends on the previous one. How can you speed up the process? (I'm paraphrasing because it wasn't really a well-defined question, and it referenced some information that the firm might like kept confidential).

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Bayes' Formular: Marbles: There are 30 red marbles and 10 black marbles in Urn #1. You have 20 red and 20 Black marbles in Urn 2. Randomly you pull a marble from the random urn and find that it is red. What is the probability that it was pulled from Urn #1

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Two random cards numbered from 1,2...100 are pulled from the deck. What is the probability that one number doubles the other from the deck.

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Alice and Bob take turns in rolling a fair dice. Whoever gets "6" first wins the game. Alice starts the game. What are the chances that Alice wins.

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1). What are two prime numbers that SUM to 999

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Write C++ code to copy a graph, once done whats the algorithmical complexity of this

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What time are you available for a phone call?

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